Ama recycling centres

The AMA Centri di Raccolta – recycling centres – are areas with recycling facilities to which the following types of waste may be taken free of charge:


  • bulky waste: doors, cupboards, items of furniture, bed springs, shelves, piping, old gas cookers, mattresses, plastic furnishings, sofas, etc.

  • e-waste (waste from electrical and electronic devices) such as computers, TV sets, printers, mobile phones, large and small electrical domestic appliances, light bulbs, neon bulbs, etc.

  • special waste such as batteries, car batteries, vegetable oils, paint and thinner containers, expired medicines, mercury thermometers, printing consumables, etc.

  • inert materials and rubble: sanitary waste, building waste, tiles, bricks, concrete, etc.

  • materials in large quantities, including recyclable materials, such as various types of cardboard, paperboard, packaging, newspapers, etc.

  • cuttings and trimmings, such as tree branches, grass cuttings, weeds, etc.

In the recycling areas waste is separated according to type and sent for recycling. Entry to the Recycling Centres is only allowed to private individuals driving vehicles weighing less than 3,500 kg and not to persons acting for third parties. To find out the addresses of the Recycling Centres, select the easiest one to reach, see opening hours and the type of waste accepted, call AMA toll free number 800 867035 or the City of Rome call center on 060606.



  • Connect to to send your suggestions on line about the cleanliness of the City: owerflow or broken recycling banks;street cleaning, animal excrement on the pavements; syringes in public places; etc.



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